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School Children & Teens

Behavioural Assessment

Assess the inborn Talent and explore hidden potential for drawing your Career and Life Plans.

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Institutions, Freelancers,Start-ups,MSMEs, Students,Job seekers

Branding & Promotion

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Students,Job seekers,Freelancers,Trainers,MSMEs, Start-up

Branding & Promotion

All the Branding such as Logo, Brochures, Website, Social Media presence,, Digital Marketing etc - Conceptualisation, Design & Production for Startups and Freelancers

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Dip/Grad/PG Students, Job seekers

Career Analysis

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Students, Job seekers, New Recruitees, Experienced Job seekers/changers, Career Changers, Enttrpreneurs

Career Planning & Development

Plan your Career and sustain your Career Plans...for life!

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Students, Institutions, Universities, Enttrpreneurs

CoE & Incubation Center Development

Hi-Tech Laboratories & Systems including Skill Development Training.

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Community Platform

Shared platform for Administration, Maintenance, Management, Inter-market and other such services, especially for small and very small apartments.

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Job Seekers, Campus Drives

Corporate Job-Fit Assessment

Are you THE Person for that Dream Job? Assess and find out the Gaps...

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Industry,Corporate, Community,Universities, Schools, Institutions, Hospitals, Nursing  Homes, Insurance Companies, Individuals

Digital Healthcare Solutions

IIoT based Digital Healthcare Solutions

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Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutes

Edu-Tech Solutions

Complete range of Edu-Tech Solutions and Services for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutes

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Employability Competences Assessment

Claim your Dream Job by proving your worth and fitment.

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Engineering,Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement and Construction assistance to Industries, Start-up and Utilities

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