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New series of RF wireless transmitter and receiver set comprises of a produce single channel to 4 channel wireless transmitter receiver for various industrial automation. The units can send and receive data trigger signals. Best suited for industrial automation, home automation, garage open/close and similar applications. The receiver has inbuilt 5Amps relay. This can take a load of up to  1KW @ 220VAC. Further, DC driven electrical appliance loads of 12V/24V/48Volts is also possible. Whereas the transmitters are capable of getting triggers either manually or from other intelligent devices like PLC/Computers/Controllers etc. 

RF Signal range 30-40 meters indoors and around 100-150meters in open line of sight. Additionaly, it is possible to extend the range of signals by introducing signal booster, repeaters.


  • Wireless panic alarm systems.
  • Machine to machine control and data transfer.
  • Crane control and automatic shutter controls.
  • Wireless trigger for gates, hooters and sirens.
  • Automatic solutions for sensor threshold and control.
  • Customized solutions for industrial automation.
  • Factory alerting system.
  • Patrolling system for defence and security personals.
  • HVAC feedback loop automatic control solutions.
  • Long range detection systems for vehicle movements and locomotives.
  • IoT based solutions.

Wireless transmitter receiver set

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