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Project Portfolio

Washed Milk Tank Level and Pump Control System

Chintamani Milk Diary

Automatic Level Control System for Washed Milk Tank with Dual Density Liquids

Configuration of Optimization Software

Gujarat Narmadavally Fertilizers Corporation

Online upgrading of AP-20 series Foxboro IA system to AW50 series system and re-engineering and re-commission
Configuration of Optimization Software (First of its kind in India)

Data Acquisition System

Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers

Design & configuration of Data Acquisition System for Distillation Tower

Modernization of SPEC-200 system to I/A series AW51 system

Kuduremukha Iron Ore Company Limited

Modernization of SPEC-200 system to I/A series AW51 system

Remote Operation Management of Building Facilities

Malaysia Airlines

Conceptualization, Marketing, Account Development and Design of Integrated Solution for Remote Operation Management for Facilities of multiple Buildings from a Command Center through Internet.
Energy Conservation and Maintenance Adequacy Audit and Recommendations for Improvement

Quenching Tester


Automated Quenching Tester for Switch Gear Industry

Building of Mud Logging systems


Indigenization of System

Dual Pressure Control System

Divya Enterprises

Design , Fabrication and supply of Dual Pressure control system

Apparels Manufacturing ERP Package

Apparel Export Company

Concept development, Sales and Project Implementation supervision.

Consultancy for Tunnel Instrumentation

Process Control & Automation Ltd

Consultancy for design and deployment of Tunnel Instrumentation.

Commissioning & Tuning of CPP Instrumentation

Nagarjuna Fertilizers, Kakinanda

Complete installation, Loop checking, Commissioing and Tuning of CPP Instrumentation

In-Line Quality Test Zig

United Carriers Ltd

Totally automatic Quality and Performance Test Zig for testing Electro-Mechanical performance of Heavy Vehicle Air Conditioners

Repair and refurbishment of Stamping Control System


Diagnosis, Refurbishment and re-installation of System

UV fail-safe system

Sri Marketing Services

Complete Design, Development,Sourcing and Deployment of UV Fail-safe System for Incinator.

Wireless Data Acquisition for Remote Monitoring

Major Steel manufacturing unit

Concept,Design, supply and implementation

Installation support


Sensor Installation and Loop checking Services for HVAC Automation

Solid Level measurement Model

Divya Enterprises

Design and fabrication and Supply Solid Level control system

Conveyor system for Material handling

Kar Mobiles Ltd


Saadhana Consultancy

Functional Website Creation



Functional Website Creation

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