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About Us

Ascend Consulting & Technology Services


The Company

Company for Technology, Humanology & Service

ACTS Consultants is a new age Technology and Humanology Company  catering to Assessment, Enhancement of Performance of Plant, Process, Performance People and Promotion. It was incorporated in 2013 by Experienced and seasoned Technocrats to cater to the ever growing denand  of Industry to minimise the Gap of Technologies and Process adoption for Business Excellence and Performance at low cost. Operating from the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru and with extended offices and representation in locations in India and abroad, has reach to different parts of world.


Our Philosophy

Bringing Excellence in your Business by our efforts

Our Philosophy is to go that extra mile for Customer Satisfaction with Solutions and Services using all our potential and Resources along with that of our Partners by working as a team. We are Problem-centric and not Product-centric.
Our culture is Global Technologies and methods, with Local Values and Cost.

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Our Logo

Symbol of Knowledge, Service & Coherence

Our Logo is Our inspiration!. The Fire Colour of the Logo represents Energy, Strength. The 2 Triangle represents 2 entities of Business - Customer & Us. The convergence of Triangle at the upper portion represents coherence and achievement of the desired Goals in tandem and along with the Customer as equal partner. The same size of the Triangles also indicate equal respect, confidence and dependence of Customer and ACTS. Our Technology expertise and strengths is represented by the Gear wheel, which is synonymous  with action and progress. Globe represents our Global Technologies and Knowledge and Local touch.

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The Team

Skilled, Dedicated & United

Our Team of Consultants and Trainers is a right full mix of Industry Veterans and Modern Technologists. They do bring their rich diversified Industry experience of more than 30 years and latest Technology, Management, Behavioral Skills and Knowledge. They are chosen after very careful evaluation and testing of their passion towards what they are expected to deliver.

Fists in Solidarity

Our Partners

Collaborative, Cumulative & Solution Driven

ACTS CONSULTANTS as it's one o prime philosophies of Customer satisfaction has tied up with many Partners who themselves are pioneers in their respective field and Domains but share the same mentality of complimentary efforts for utmost satisfaction of Customers.

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Our Differentiators

Problem-Centric & Result oriented 

  • Collective Experience of more than 200 Years

  • Problem Centric approach rather than Product centric

  • Collaborative Partnership with Strategic Partners to cater to complete Solution to the requirement - Single window Solution and Execution concept.

  • Situation – to – Solution  methodical Approach.

  • Conventional to Contemporary Solutions

  • Complimenting and scalable Products/Solutions from Global  Technology Partners, aptly selected and customised to local requirement and budget

  • pragmatic approach to projects ensures that client solutions remain uncomplicated

  • Professionalism of a Big Company, Cost effectiveness of a Small Company.

  • Multiple Domain expertise and Integrated Project Management

  • World-wide Presence

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The Promoters

Dedicated, Experienced & Passionate

The Company was started in 2013 by a team of Highly Experienced (more than 37 years) and committed Technocrats with rock solid conviction and self belief and industry demanding Skills and Talents coated with concurrent Knowledge. All the Team members bring to the table their rich experience of more than 30-40 years of expertise of multi-domain and multi-technologies in almost all important Business and Industrial segments. 

Founder & Principal Consultant

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