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ACTS is poised to be a Complete Training & Consultancy Organization and thus try to cover all aspects in this space by trying to provide everything that is required for Customers through a single Window.

Similarly ACTS knows what is essential for the Training              feternity too. ACTS offers Ready to deliver Training Contents on more than 400 Technical and Non-Technical Topics. They are created and Value added by ACTS by their highly experienced Subject Matter Experts. They are available in the form of PPTs and Full fledged Training Kits with every thing required for Training Delivery - PPTs to Participants handouts.

Now you don'y have to be worried about that Training Program which you have to deliver tomorrow!.

They are available for Remote download and in Memory Sticks form.

You can Edit and Customise them or even seek ACTS assistance in Customising and /or create them from scratch to suite your requirement.

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Training Decks     & Kits

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Training Decks, Aids & Kits

A] Training Decks (PPTs) - more than 250 Topics - Technical, Non-Technical,  Managerial etc

B] Complete Ready to Deliver Training Delivery Kit including PPTs,Ice Breakers, Activities, Quiz, Games Ideas, Audio-Visuals, Participant Kit, Work Book,Trainer's Instruction Note, Quotes, etc

C] Idea-to-Projection Custom Design Training Kits

D] Innovative Digitized, Multimedia based Training Kits for maximum impact.

E} Audio-Visual Books.

  • ​High Quality attractive PPTs. Thoroughly researched Contents by SMEs

  • List of available Topics keeps updating  from time to time

  • Training Decks available for download from our Website within 48 hours of confirmed Order. 

  • Training Kits available within 2-4 weeks of confirmed Order

  • Work under C Category made to suite the requirement & Project.

  • More than 200 ready to deliver and Editable. Minor changes and White labeling (your Logo/Name) done free of cost for Orders more than 25 Topics

  • D is highly innovative set of Training Kit comprised of  composite Multimedia effects for maximum impact. Best for Facilitation & Coaching, Product Training/ Concept Training/Promotion/ Blended Training/Quiz and impromptu Tests etc. The Multimedia effects can be applied on your existing Presentations/Scripts/Videos/Pictures etc. 

  • E is selectable from the List as add-on. Some Free add-on options are available.

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