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Inborn Talent Assessment (I-TAT)

Know the hidden Potential of your Child and draw the Life Road Map

  • 2 hr
  • 2,999 Indian rupees
  • Our Center and/Or your Place

Service Description

Every Child is a born Generous. It takes effort to identify it at the right time!. As this is not done every year more than 10000 Stu-dents suicide across the World. That is mainly because they don’t know what they are good at and struggle to live some one else’s dream!. Harvard Study Proves Almost All Children Are Born Geniuses... But Only 2% Retain Their Talents IntoAdulthood. Given the highly competitive world today, Parents are concerned about Career Prospects and Professional success of their Children more than ever. So much so the Parents Invest a lot of their Money and (Not Time & Love!) efforts on the Children’s Education and Career. Because of this Parents are worried about the suitability of a chosen Career for their ward and their success in that since a whole bundle of Education Options are available. If the chosen Education stream does not suite the Child, then all the In-vestments—Time, Money, Sacrifice and relationships would go waste.Identifying the actual Inborn Talent , Learning Styles and Career inclination is the answer to avoid all these factors and allow the Child to get the best what he/she deserves!. This test /Assessmengt is called Inborn Talent Assessment Test (I –TAT)More than 50% of us are doing what we are doing...out of one or the other compulsion!!Investment on Children’s Educa-tion is only next to housing In-vestment!!Every Child is a Genius waiting to be Discovered Inborn Talent Assessment Test is a cutting-edge technol-ogy that extracts vital information found on fingerprints, which will then be translated into characteristics and advices for the benefit of the individual.The Concept is based on Scientifically proven Theory by Dr How-ard Gardner way back in 1943. He established the relationship be-tween the Brain development and the Ridges on the Fingers.According to his theory Every Human Being possesses not one but 8 types of Intelligences in a individual specific amount which determines the Talent, Intelligence and Learning Styles of that Individual.

Cancellation Policy

50% of the Booking amount, if that amount is 50% of the Program/Training/Workshop Actual Fee.

Contact Details


A C T S CONSULTANTS, 80 Feet Road, Sahara Layout, Gubbalala, Subramanyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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